Fiction and Truth


I have in mind something that says in Terminator Salvation John Connor:


"You and I have been at war since before birth ..."

character John Connor, actor Christian Bale, film Terminator Salvation (2009)


As amazing as it may seem, the reality is exactly the same, namely, the Eternal Spirits are in conflict with the system of this world or matrix since before incarnating.


It is incredible how science fiction cinema parodies the truths, and this is a ploy by the spiritual enemy to sow in people the idea that these ideas and realities are fantasy, that they belong to a senseless dream world, and that definitely would not be worth considering seriously.


Things that science fiction shows as such, but that are real:


1. The war between John Connor and Skynet from before birth:


The eternal spirits of men, many, war against darkness from other lives, before being born.


2. Highlander's parody of truth, that there are immortals living on another planet:


The Lord and his angels inhabit a planet called Seisth, which oddly enough, movie number two in this film series portrays as a planet called Zeist.


3. The existence of aliens:


It is a great truth presented as fantasy. The idea of ​​a lifeless universe apart from ours is crazy, it is not real.


4. The existence of a matrix type phenomenon or flawed system in the world:


The Matrix saga shows with great clarity what reality is, since there is in this world a matrix that envelops immortal spirits, and parasites them to carry out the plans of the "Architect" (Jehovah Satan), and there is a Liberator, the Master (Neo), the chosen one of justice and peace to put things in order, and destroy that matrix or system.


5. It is related to point two and it deals with the extraterrestrial existence of angels, who dwell with the Lord on a specific planet, in a specific part of the Milky Way Galaxy, 64 thousand light years from Earth, in practically symmetrical shape to both axes of the Milky Way.

However, they present angels as abstract, immaterial and winged beings, who fly over a fictitious, undefined and also abstract sky.


On the other hand, there are great universal lies that are presented as great truths, such as:


1. The false notion of the evolution of species:


This theory has not been proven, which is about life being a line that evolves according to random mutations, and the necessities of life. This is unheard of and untrue, since the missing links of the evolving species do not appear, and it is also proven that most mutations cause disorder. They are not feasible for development. The truth is that there are aliens led by Jehovah Satan who implant life at will on this planet. There is a lot of UFO phenomenon of animal mutilation, which shows, along with abductions, that they experience to implant life here on earth, and perhaps they do on other planets as well.


2. The lie of the existence of this universe and life as something random and probabilistic:


It is said that everything is a great probability fulfilled. This is a big lie, it is not proven that we live in a probabilistic reality, it is obvious that there is always a creator who gives origin to things. The universe was created by God, and things on this earth, the great archon matrix was designed by Satan Jehovah and his demon hierarchies.


3. Religion, sin, the host or sacred bread, papal function:


Man is said to be guilty of nature, which is false, because DNA has sin in its own right, therefore the only culprit for everything is Satan Yaldabaoth, Jehovah and his archons who thus created human life on earth.


For its part, the Catholic bread, where they say that they operate a change in the substance of bread to make it the very body of Christ, is obviously a great lie, there is no such thing, they should be (in fact have been) denounced for fraud to the public knowledge.


The Pope claims to be the representative of God on earth, which is a lie, since we have never seen him express what God says about different things, such as death from hunger, misery, wars, and diseases. The voice of God is conspicuous by their absence in the papacy, they are clearly imposters, they do not speak to God at any time. They only pose as God, which is not the same.


4. Christmas:


This is a great lie presented as truth. The sun god does not exist being born on December 24, that is taken from the mythology of the peoples, instance in which the solar deity incarnates on Earth to resurrect when it is greater, in the flowery Easter.


5. The supposed divine inspiration of the bible, and its supposed relationship with history:


They show Bible as a book that has the truth about God, and historical realities. This is entirely an imposition on the part of the system, there is no such inspiration, it is a contradictory book, and its supposedly historical facts are questionable, and even false.


Serve this for people of good will who seek the truth.



May 2020