The Great Watcher of Heavens

I'm going to touch on the manipulated theme of Lucifer. Please understand that this wonderful being has been strongly maligned in this galactic sector, especially the Earth, by the spiritual enemy, who does not want us to know who the True Light that illuminates everyone is who is awakened in this Galaxy or Local Universe.

Lucifer is a Latin word that means BEARER OF LIGHT, that is, he is far from being the devil or satan of the religions. Please know that he is not the being that these religions say. Like the Serpent, Lucifer was an Avatar Prophet on this Earth, the second to come in human history, in order to shed light on the truth, make known the True God, and give deep knowledge to men. As expected, he was slandered, his image changed until he became an entirely different being, all as an attack against the figure of the Great Bearer of Light in our Heavens, and on our Earth.

Lucifer is an Adamic Being, that is to say, he is a human being, although heavenly, that is, he does not age, he does not corrupt with time, and he inhabits the most advanced consciousness in our Galaxy, and the Great Watcher of the whole multitude of her. He is therefore in charge of the entire Milky Way, which is at the moment, its half, or the sector where we live under the influence of another being that we will not now treat his identity, although he is known by many names, such as Jehovah or Yahweh.

Returning to Lucifer, his powers are amazing, he has access to God's information regarding the timeline, he knows the facts, and he can get ahead of them, that is why his actions are successful, as he strictly complies with the plan from God to the universe. Like him, there are others in each universe or galaxy of this great cosmos, who are in continuous contact to evaluate the situations that arise.

In our heavens he is known as Venus, planet of beauty, goodness and love, with which we can better identify him in this part of the heavens. He is also very intelligent, and has in himself all the potential that is needed both in heaven and on Earth for the Perfect Divine Plan.

It dwells on the planet Seisth, 64,000 light-years from Earth, on the side opposite the galactic center. We are 27,000 light years from the center of the galaxy, and Seisth is 37,000 light years to the other end of it. In the Milky Way sky, as we can see, Seisth would be on the lower left side of its visible arm. It cannot be seen with the naked eye, but it is there; it is a matter of time for astronomers to discover it, as it is a very distant exoplanet to be seen even with powerful telescopes, especially since the galactic center is in the way, and it is very bright, thus covering the deep celestial vision.

In the bible, Lucifer was slandered as an evil being. In the Old Testament, in the book of Isaiah, where it speaks of a man who feels superior to the Most High, and is called in Hebrew "Hillel", which in Hebrew means: Luminous One. But it has nothing to do with the Real Lucifer. Then, in the New Testament, Lucifer is listed as the Glowing Morning Star in Revelation 22, which is Jesus, who would be the only correct reference to the real and historical Lucifer, of course very mythologized in turn in the rest of the New Testament. And that morning star is Venus, the planet that you see in the morning with the naked eye in the sky. So the emblem I have made to represent the ultimate galactic power is with the astrological symbol of Venus at the head of the Heavenly Host.

Therefore Venus or Lucifer is not a devil; This figure is taken, as I advanced, from the Old Testament, the book of Isaiah, responding to identify a human being who feels resplendent. Then mythology and popular knowledge have done their thing, putting him as an evil being, bearer of a light that is false and evil.

But now we already know that he is none other than the Celestial Master, Lucifer, The Great Celestial Watcher who lives in Seisth, and whose will coincides perfectly with that of God or the Source, and therefore the true ruler of our galaxy or local universe. 

The worshipers of Lucifer, therefore, have to change their posture, and their mentality, and their worship, first of all understanding that Lucifer Real does not want worship and worship, nor prayers; do not forget that worship and prayers are for the false gods created in this world. Neither Lucifer nor True God wants worship, they are beyond that vanity. Only true demons demand worship, sacrifices, and prayer.

Also, to understand the will of Lucifer, it is necessary to know the great cosmic order, which is opposite to that established in this temporal matrix, and for which I invite you to visit my website, which is: leonardo betetto dot com, where it is spoken of this great universal plan for the beings of good will.

Glory Be to Lucifer Forever!



The Real Lucifer is taller than three meters, totally bald, and Caucasian in appearance