Liberation Message

to Humanity


The freedom message consists of these items:


1. There is a True God, Source, Deity or Divinity, pure Spirit. This is not the false god of this world, who preaches guilt, fear and punishment, but he wants us to progress, to be free, and to live an enriching life experience, in different realities, bodies, dimensions and worlds. Although it may seem like a lie, the human Spirit can ascend in its evolution to become a being like a God; and so on to infinity. He seeks to awaken us, liberate us and that we reach our maximum potential through commitment and personal development, not by absurd salvationist ideas. The obstacles are set by ourself, and by the selfish spirits, not by Him.


2. Each human can acquire this liberating knowledge, and also connect with the cosmos, open its meridians or chakras in order to connect, grow, develop, liberate, love, feel. In absurd and irrational punishment and salvationism there is no freedom, and even less love. Love is freedom, justice, perfection, spirituality, development; not fear, guilt, punishment and abandonment of oneself in search of depositing in religions and men our development that corresponds to each of us individually. We are spirits that can ascend indefinitely. Our participation in Divinity is not out of irrational salvationism, but out of personal effort, merit, and development. Religions more than freedom offer slavery.


3. There is also a cosmic hierarchy of Gods, also known in religions, although mythologized, as angels. They are in this issue, and have achieved a lot of development. They are higher than us in spiritual physical evolution, and we can be like them. The Great Celestial Watcher in our local universe or Milky Way is our Master, the True and Faithful to the will of the Source. He synchronously manages with his peers from the infinite worlds; everything in this local universe.


4. The Spirits of this world cannot only ascend their evolution to unsuspected levels, but they should also be aware of their reincarnation reality. When they die, they can avoid the traps that corrupt spiritual hierarchies have set to keep them imprisoned on the astral, and thus on these limited and enslaving worlds, so as to incarnate on other free worlds, and thus follow the path of development. In Gnosticism this liberation is spoken of, and it is a firm declaration of our determination, we have the power to do it, be encouraged, go on your way, do not be tied up.


5. As I mentioned in point one, each spirit has knowledge and energetic spiritual activities to carry out to achieve increasingly advanced states; No one will come for us to get up from scratch, we have to work on ourselves, and collaborate with others for it, in truth, love and justice. Thus the alternatives that the True God really offers for all the universal creation will be opened for all the Spirits.


You should, however, know that God and the Master reject certain principles of this world outright, and you should, if you are to accept His Divine Presence, then reconsider their positions:


a) God and the Master refuse to hide the divine and powerful essence of the people.

b) God and the Master refuse to take away the freedom of the people.

c) God and the Master reject murder, and any interruption of life (natural death will be overcome in the Age to Come).

d) God and the Master reject the accumulation of goods for some, and the poverty of others.

e) God and the Master reject hiding wisdom and knowledge, conspiracies and concealment of important information that prevents free will.

f) God and the Master reject sexuality (will be overcome in the Age to Come).

g) God and the Master reject blind pacifism, injustice, malice, lies and cowardice.


These stated principles are valid for every being; and they rule on a cosmic level.



Third Avatar Prophet