About Leonard's Prophetic Work

First of all I would like to clarify what is the general objective of my prophetic work:

It is important to understand that I do not intend to create religions, sects, spiritual leaderships, or even have a group of associates or disciples; not even that; Of course, if someone wants to learn from me, I will not leave him out. I work alone, I spread information since May 2020, and I have a lot of work ahead of me. The aim is that AT LEAST both people and institutions are NOTIFIED about the message I give.

The Master is clever enough to understand beforehand that they will not believe us much, but we still come to this world to preach a series of messages that due to the essence of the Matrix or prevailing System in the world is somewhat heavy on the ear, and for some people even object of deep rejection, hatred, or the most absolute indifference. In a group of Facebook Atheists they treated me as ridiculous as possible, but my work was successful, because they were notified of the things I preach, and the message I intend to give.

The purposes of the high-celestial order prophets are not of gathering believers; And this for two reasons: first of all because we do not intend to alter the history of this Earth, until the System or Matrix is ​​exhausted by itself, and also that they are aware of what we announce, although they do not believe it and reject it, because When things happen, when we come in power to conquer the Earth: Let them not say we didn't warn! So, Master does it for love for humans. That it was for love there is no doubt, because he gave his life for the prophetic message, having been able to stay in Seisth enjoying his eternal life, he incarnated as a common human to make known things for the wealth of men, and for that reason they killed him; situation taken advantage of by the enemy to make it remain as a supposed atoning sacrifice.

I may not have to face an execution, but I do have a lot more people to whom I go, with more knowledge, although of course twisted, but that causes more ridicule and insults, because they feel full within their myths, stories and fables. People believe in myths sold as truth, and they move in those environments of knowledge and beliefs. They put ideals in their minds, and then proceed to worship them as toward God Himself, or to place their expectations on them.

Issues like that of the Anunnaki, the abandonment of the ego, the Christian Christ, the Galactic Federation, the grays, the Akasic records, and all that has created a collective hysteria from which it is difficult to get people out. The best option is to ask them to empty themselves of everything so that they can fill themselves again with information from other places, or simply what I already mentioned, that is, to be notified.

Christians respond like a elastic spring telling that you are a false prophet automatically because you don't accept the bible. With that conscious and unconscious conditioning it is obvious that you cannot expect much to be believed.

We are not going to beg over anyone's faith or attention!

And this is a well-founded pride, because we bring fresh, important, and first-rate information; so that they give themselves the luxury of rejecting it, the truth is something for which one is never prepared, although not for that reason I lose strength, since we are clear about where we come from, where we are, and where we are going.

In fact, I notified the CIA of my message, and it responded to an automatic on the page with a receiving code which is all a sham, as it responded with the random code generated by the PC, but it was noted that no message from the server. They, like all institutions, have reception protocols, and not much can be expected of them. I also insisted that I be given the institution that accepts comments of a spiritual or religious nature in the United States, and they rejected me.

But the gratifying thing is that we try, that is to say, later nobody will be able to reproach God that they were not brought up to date. The best analogy I can draw for you is with respect to the one who notifies from justice of a decret. Whatever my reaction to the bailiff giving me the notice, the action is inevitable, and the trial too; whatever I do with that notification. I do want to break it, throw it in the trash, burn it, insult the justice officer, I make various proposals, and I even receive nothing, that is, I ignore it completely. But the officer's work will always be successful, because they showed up at my home, endured my insults and my attitude, and therefore I have no right to cry later when the embargo or judicial measure comes.

Another effect that I have noticed is that of grouping, where the nature of the subject matter greatly influences. If they didn't love the biblical prophets when they were ... Imagine us the avatars prophets of the highest heaven! People begin to download their frustrations against us, they make us the object of ridicule, they take advantage of the anonymity of the internet to say things that they would not say personally. The issue happens because the spiritual enemy has already sown in the same society doctrines, philosophies and preconceptions that are part of the collective unconscious, and one finds automatic and even instinctive reactions precisely for that reason. The extraterrestrial subject is frowned upon by religious, the most conventional men of science, and by the media in general; therefore when affirming extraterrestrial things one receives automatic reactions of ridicule and rejection; and they do not know that the same bible, the most famous book in history turns out to support extraterrestrial existence, since all the salvific expectations they preach come precisely from heaven itself.

Another issue is that people talk because it is free: they have the luxury of telling one what one should say and how to do it, as if they had done a university degree in this regard, or had already been trained in some experience, or prophetic life. An American told me to announce about the galaxy being careful to show that the visible sky is an arm of the galaxy, not the galaxy. Well, I told him that please do not comment on points in which they have neither instruction, nor experience, nor any contact with more advanced entities to be trained in this regard. In other words, if you don't know, you better shut up.

Others, not understanding anything of what this subject is, and this mission, begin to disqualify one for not being a relevant person in this world; something like an actor, a politician, or a recognized spiritual leader. Well, they also speak out of ignorance, because the purpose of coming to this world is to notify of a reality, not to change reality, that is why the Master uses his own principles to enter this Matrix or System, not the principles of this same world; because in addition to being famous, the prophets would need to get out of the typical development scheme for this mission, and that would generate a failed purpose. Our mission is designed with the precision of a clock so that we do only what is asked of us, not what is asked of us by people who ignore this, which is of course almost everyone. But they reserve the right to say how one should be, or how one should not be, as if they were experts in the field.

Another topic is love: People lost sight of what love is, they confuse aggressiveness with evil, and good manners with love. That the western religions take as love that a certain god sends you to the fire if you do not worship him, speaks of the high degree of illness that prevails. I have not come to give love or spiritual solutions, nor to intercede with prayers for people. I have come to proclaim a message, and if my role is fulfilled the mission is successful. My mission is not judged by the number of converts to my messages, but by the number of people notified of my message, and as far as God wishes, from now on.

Master's decision in this regard:

Do it, but do it whatever! That is, whatever the form, obvious within certain ethical parameters, it will be guaranteed success, because if we come with love, why we come with love, if we come with hatred, why we come with hatred, if we come with good manners, why We come with good manners, and so, people never agree with what one says, so the scandal is also a reasonable way, because it also produces great dissemination of critical information.

It happends that we come to this world to shock against this world from the beginning. That's case, the Master has provided me with a special energy since I incarnated, because evil was always lurking, and then at almost fifty years old I begin my main work, preaching the opposite of what the god of this world has sown in this. The situation is logical, but not justifiable.

In any case, the strength we have to keep going is absolute, everything will turn out well, as the Master himself revealed to me, and if I am still alive, despite Jehovah's seeking to kill me, to put me in jail, and so ... Here I am, and that is proof of the supreme power of God, which goes beyond all this corrupted and transitory system.

Prophet Leonard

August 2020