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Anunnaki Origins

What are heavens in religions?

Heaven is not an abstract place. The time would come when the heavens mentioned in the religions would reveal themselves as a particular site, that is, a planet located at one end of the Milky Way. It's called Seisth, and it's 64,000 light years from us. It belongs to the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy, which is in collision with the Milky Way. A billion years ago it passed through the vicinity of the Solar System, and many inhabitants from there moved to Earth and nearby places; that is why we are told about the mythical fallen angels. In their second descent they are known as the Anunnaki, in the Bible as the children of God, or in peoples in general as: the Gods who descended to Earth and lived with humans ...


My expectation is to find a way to express to you what that place is, how wonderful it is. There are pyramids, a lot of vegetation, only immortal humans who practice veganism and a very high spirituality; with male figures all of them. It is such a fascinating world that it will serve as a model to turn the earth into what must be the post apocalyptic era.




God Exists

God is a consciousness that operates at a very high level of integration of energy and knowledge


Consciousness is sub-quantum in nature and not from this physical universe 


Fiction and Truth

Films are used to parody and ridicule the truth, which far exceeds fiction 


About the astral plane
The astral plane is a creation of Jehovah and his archons to catch disembodied spirits 


Prophet against religions

I criticize the beliefs of the Bible and religion, rejecting the god Jehovah


Jehovah Satan will descend to Earth

There will be three stages, the first the Jewish Messiah, the second Christ or Jehovah, and the third the Master


About the Three Avatars Prophets
We discuss the avatarico-prophetic mission of the Serpent, Jesus, and Leonardo 


The true historical Jesus
Jesus was a prophet avatar, the second is the spirit of the Master, the Great Celestial Watcher

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The Antitheses of the Three Avatars Prophets
The first is Judaism, the second is Christianity, and the third is New Age


The Matrix

The Matrix is broader and deeper than previously thought, encompassing half of the galaxy, life, culture, and the astral plane


The Heavenly Throne
Master Venus, Great Watcher, Uranus, and Pluto, Heavenly Watchers of the Milky Way


About the prophetic mission of Leonard

I comment about the messages I give, and on the reactions, in addition to highlighting the objective that I have ...

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Unmasking Jehovah's Dirty Apocalyptic Maneuver

Jehovah has concealed that the Anunnaki came from Seisth, and he does so in order not to remain as a fifth order god ... But to become the creator of the universe ... Liar!



The five items of true spiritual freedom

Knowing our divine essence, incarnating in other worlds, not paying karmas and absurd sins, are part of the true liberation plan ...



What is a prophet avatar of the highest heaven?

There are psychic prophets or fortune-tellers, the biblical prophets, and thirdly the avatars prophets, that is, we come in person from a distant planet to prophesy ...



Beliefs and current moral and spiritual situation

That people are ignorant of many things is indeed regrettable, but ignorance mixed with evil is something really difficult to face ...


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New information and prophecies brought by Leonard

Behold, in the name of the Great God of the Universe, and of the Celestial Watcher I speak to you, listen carefully to my words ...



Why don't the Anunnaki avatars prophets bring evidence?

Bringing evidence would mean precipitating the apocalypse, bringing rapid social collapse, and that for now is not God's idea ...



Beliefs and current world situation

There are serious problems with the world, it was never right, neither mentally, nor morally, nor spiritually, the current creation is failed, things are not going well, and the creator god has done things wrong ...



Planet Seisth: True Anunnaki Abode

Nibiru does not exist, it is an invention to deliberately confuse humanity. Seisth is the origin planet of life in the galaxy, and abode of the Anunnaki ...



What is reality made of? The Three Matrices

There are three existential matrices: the Third, which is the spiritual world, this contains the second, the physical universe with eleven dimensions, and the first is galactic, and is revealed to God ...



Christianity should be banned by the WHO, it is bad for health

The most damaging thing about this religion is the threatening message with hell for those who want an alternative path for their life ...



History of the galaxy according to science, the revelation of God, Genesis and the Sumerians

Prophet Leonardo recounts the days of the creation of the Universe, Seisth, the Earth, and the global chronology of time ...



The Nephilim and the Jews, a similar origin

The Nephilim were children of the Anunnaki, and the Jews are descendants of a son that Eve had with Jehovah ...



What is time and quantum DNA

Time is a wave that propagates at the speed of light through eight more spatial dimension ...



Starseeds and Indigos: The Fraud

Indigo boys are people who are born chosen from the system or matrix to be a head of paranormal fraud ...



The lie that the Anunnaki are reptilians

The Anunnaki are HOMO DIVINUS, that is, perfect human beings according to the Divine will ...



The purpose of the pyramids at last revealed

Pyramids exist on planets where the Anunnaki have been or are, and they are great cosmic decoders ...


Disproving the theory of the evolution of species

There was not an evolution of the species but a DEVELOPMENT of the species under a basic programming ...



What is the true theology that defines God in this multiverse

The theology is called Infinite Non-idolatrous Henotheism, we are advancing upwards in a council of Gods more and more evolved, but they do not need worship ...




The 22 paradigms and pillars of the Age of Aquarius

We see the paradigm shifts and the pillars of an era of open knowledge and loss of religious prejudice ...




Prophecy given to Leonard about the rise of the false avatar prophet Ishtar

She will incarnate from Orion, Ishtar. She will come to support the wicked plan of Jehovah or Yahweh ...